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Designed for AERATOR & MIXER applications with the following required features:
  • NEMA "P" Base, VERTICAL design. (NOT a horizontal motor 'turned on end !)
  • High AXIAL thrust Drive End Bearings (NOT merely radial thrust!)
  • Special Drive End Seals & Slingers
  • Special, # 17-4 St- Steel, Solid, One-Piece Out-Put Shaft (NOT # 304 or 316)
  • Cast Iron Frame constructed for Severe Mil & Chem. Duty, TEFC (NOT rolled steel or aluminum!)
  • NEMA Design "B" (NOT 'A' !)
  • Class "F" Non-Hygroscopic Insulation on Copper Windings (NOT Class 'B'!)
  • 1.15 Service Factor at 40 deg. C. with max. Class "B" temperature rise
  • Cadmium Plated Hardware, Condensate Drains and Grease Fittings
  • Drip Cover, Lifting Eyes for Vertical Lift & Split, Gasketed, Over-Sized Cast Iron Conduit Box.
  • EPIC has largely standardized on BALDOR Aerator & Mixer Drive Motors. Over many years Baldor has proven to be nearly the perfect Aerator & Mixer Drive Motor.

Designed for rugged, nearly maintenance free, safe & stable operation:
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Minimum #12 ga. Float Surfaces (NOT # 14 ga. Like others!)
  • Injection applied, 2.5 pcf, Closed-Cell Polyurethane Foam filled Floats
  • Equipped with formed Radial beams, which distribute the thrust and torque forces over the total surface area of the float. Forces are NOT concentrated like other Aerators & Mixers.
  • Internal gussets & back-up chain plates at all stress points… such as mooring eyes.
  • Totally U.V. Stable construction with maintenance consisting only of checking fasteners for tightness and possible float cleaning if desired

  • EPIC INTERNATIONAL exclusively uses MICHIGAN WHEEL Aerator & Mixer Two Blade, Weedless, Pitch Balanced and Dyn. Balanced Propellers.

  • With simple maintenance, primarily concerning the Drive Motor, a Driect Drive Floating, Mechanical Up-Draft Aerator or Floating Mechanical Down Draft Mixer should have at least a ten (10) year life.
  • Propellers should also last many years, however, extremely abrasive sand and grit will, over time, accelerate propeller wear. If the application environment is extremely abrasive, propeller reconditioning and rebalancing every 3 - 5 years may be indicated.
  • The Drive Motor requires simple bearing regreasing at approximately 6 month to one year intervals.

  • Only the EPIC Aerator has a nearly horizontal, low profile discharge trajectory which minimizes bothersome wind-blown spray while maximizing the radial velocity of the discharge. In this manner, the surface area coverage of the Aerator is also maximized while the Drive Motor is kept cleaner and drier. (Our competitors charge extra for an 'optional' accessory in order to have a low profile discharge trajectory. EPIC designed -in this important feature…for free.

Environmental Products for Innovative Conservation

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