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Built on these principals...
  1. Performance And Durability
    EPIC Aerators are designed with performance and durability
    in mind. The EPIC structural components provide both
    strength and enhanced performance.

  2. Construction With a Purpose
    The unique C-shaped radial beam construction stiffens the unit
    and distributes the operating loads while providing hydraulic
    channeling of the pumped liquid.

    The swirling mass of liquid is straightened as it exits from the
    deflector, changing the trajectory of the liquid to a flatter
    dispersion pattern. This lower trajectory reduces aerosols and
    misting. The radial beams act to deflect the rotational forces
    of the emerging liquid, resulting in a stable float.

  3. Serviceability
    Difficult to reach below water cross vane stabilizers are not
    needed, thus eliminating underwater catch points for debris.

Aerator Models & Dimensions

EPIC Aerator’s Features and Your Benefits...

  • Sturdy, all stainless steel construction with no concentrated load points.
  • The float construction has no potential leaking points caused by bolt or other penetrations through the stainless steel skin.
  • No structural castings with the potential for hidden gas and sand hole porosity, resulting in stress concentrations and unexpected imbalance.
  • Internal hardpoints which reinforce and stiffen the float and the volute tube.
  • Welded in accordance with requirements of AWS standards.
  • Radial C-beam construction for load distribution, rigid construction, and improved liquid dispersion.
  • NIBRAL, dynamically balanced, weedless propellers.
  • Floats are injection filled with 2.25 to 2.50 pcf density closed cell polyurethane foam.
  • Standard stand-off power cable support bracket.
  • 100% reserve buoyancy factor is standard.
Models & Dimensions      Specifications

Environmental Products for Innovative Conservation

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