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Typical Questions About Flight Deks

  1. What are Flight Deks?
    Flight Deks are simply screw pump covers that are attached to the walls of the screw pump trough.
  2. Open flight screw pumps have been around for years. Why now do we need screw pump covers?
    The two most important benefits of a screw pump cover are:
    a) Flight Deks reduce unequal thermal expansion of screw pumps.
    b) Flight Deks create a safer work environment for the employees that operate and maintain the facility where the screw pumps are located.
  3. What are Flight Deks made of?
    The Flight Deks are fabricated from fiberglass reinforced pultruded composite laminates. The laminate is a combination of thermoset resin with U.V. inhibitors, single strand fiberglass rovings, continuous strand mat, surfacing veil and color pigments.
  4. What are the advantages of a pultruded composite laminate?
    High strength to weight ratio
    Lightweight - 75% less than steel, 30% less than aluminum
    Corrosion resistant
    Higher glass loading in pultrusion than with conventional contact open molding.
  5. Can the fiberglass panels be painted?
    Yes. The panels are OSHA safety orange. The panels may be painted a different color. Urethane coatings, although quite expensive, are recommended as they have superior ultraviolet resistance characteristics and adhere well to the pultruded shapes. Enamels and lacquers can also be used. Typically, they are less expensive and easy to apply.
  6. What do Flight Deks cost?
    Flight Deks are extremely cost effective. They are of modular construction. The segments of the Flight Deks are pre-fabricated. This eliminates unnecessary site time to cut and fit the panels and supporting structure.
  7. How and what does it take to install the Flight Deks?
    Installation is simple and does not require expensive equipment and labor to install. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can install Flight Deks. The "I" beams are laid out inside the screw pump trough. Next, holes are drilled through the clip angles and into the concrete and anchored to the walls of the trough with stainless steel anchor bolts (supplied). This step is repeated for each end of each "I" beam. Next, it becomes a matter of laying in the fiberglass channel to make a completed panel. Finally, pultruded angle strips are attached to hold down the ends of the panels.
  8. How long is delivery of the Flight Deks?
    After receiving approved drawings, it will take approximately three weeks to fabricate and approximately one week to ship the Flight Deks.
  9. Can Flight Deks be installed with a competitors screw pump?
    YES!! Flight Deks are designed to fit the screw pump trough not the screw pump itself.

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